What do you do in life?

I do many things. A lot of ordinary things and others less ordinary but It would be more interesting for me talking about what I do not. Just to remind me what I can still do. Anyway, recently I started surfing and I like it. Moreover, that’s the first time that I have a well defined place in society. I was born and I live in a small seaside town and when someone asks you about your business and your answer “the artist” you are forced to give explanations. That’s no happen if you say “I’m a surfer”. Everyone understands. In addition I can claim that I have white hair and a pterygium in the left eye because of the action of sun and saltiness.     

When did you realize you are an artist?

when I decided to be an artist. At the age of twenty-seven. Always I decide to do something a little later. Actually, thinking better, at the age of six I made a drawing…  Anyway, In the past I have had problems in supporting my professional identity out of my professional environment. For a long time I defined myself “Fisherman” on my identity card. Once, I was in trouble with a mountain cop because he did not understand what I was doing there. 

What happened at the Kunstraum in Munich during the re-enchantment?

Really, I’d not know but I’m sure something happened. 

What was your intervention and how did it work / connect / relate to the work of the other artists?

I brought some sculptures. One of these was very hidden in the exhibition. It’s an all black object called “Tammurriata nera”. The title is taken from a Neapolitan song written immediately after the second world war and tells stories happened in the city during and after the American Army occupation. The text of the song begins in this way:  “Io nun capisco 'e vvote che succede e chello ca se vede nun se crede è nato nu criaturo è nato niro, e 'a mamma 'o chiamma Ciro, sissignore, 'o chiamma Ciro.” 

Otherwise I installed fast enough, making decisions together with others. We have tried to realized something organic by mixing ideas and objects. 

How did you re-enchant the pages of the book?

I met sick chestnut trees, almost dead, weakened wood attacked by ant it has crumbled into small beautiful pieces. I worked these pieces trying to behave like an ant.   

What are the most important experiences in your artistic journey ?

Certainly human relationships. I met very welcoming and generous peoples. The weather and the food were great, especially the pork shank. And I learned very interesting things about hormones. 

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