the question is; are you pro fanity or anti fanity?

you have no pressing deadlines,  so what does it matter if you have insomnia? who cares if or when you sleep? you will probabaly sleep a little bit when you get very sleepy; like a siesta.  then again another part of the 24 hour period, but even that matters litle now; you can move to a 37 hour cycle with no bad side effects. if you cannot sleep, don’t sleep.  i have seen people in siberia and if the far north of nroway who only nap at odd times in the winter…

but. then, what to do with all the extra time? we should look for ways to be productive, to use the privelge.  but then, we always should and we never do…. so the worry is just the same old worry. so what?

it is only necessary to be very careful:;:;:; it is easy to make too much art.  fortunalely i do not have that problem because i have much to think about.   and i am not god at thinking, so it takes a long time even to remember what i must think about.

why sheep? tree sloths might be better.  small  turtles. but do not count them, just record their activity or lack of it in a conceptual mental notebook.

if you have other problems do not hesitate to contact me; i know solutions to approximately 1200 general types of problems.

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