One of the artists involved in the project, as soon as we invited him and sent him images of the space, was worried about the presence of rats. In fact, it looks like a place where there could be rats, but we never saw them, and we never saw any trace of their presence. We tried to calm him but we could not. In the days before his arrival he called me starting to ask me about rats. Federico have you seen rats and so on. I remembered that I still had a work exhibited a few years earlier at the kunstraumm in Munich. It was a research about materials that could simulate rat’s excrement. In that time I made a considerable amount of fake excrement with hashish and bread dough that was burned. So I decide to reuse that work to make a joke to Ilio when he came to set up the next day. In the evening, I placed them on the floor along the walls of the gallery, as they usually are in rat infested rooms, in order to simulate an invasion of huge rats, and finally I also decided to document everything as an exhibition.

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